Instant gratification

Dermal filler is a quick and proven way to rejuvenate signs of aging, restore the angles of the face that gravity flattens with time and enhance features to pop.

When coming to injectables you should always put your face in the safest hands. Dr Sukbir’s exemplary skill as an injector is reflected in her patients’ satisfaction with results, returning customer rates and low filler complication track record.

Gray’s Medical top 5 fave filler services:
  • Sexy pouts-Natural looking, yet juicy lip filler with Restylane Kysse
  • Revived under eyes- Tear trough filler to fill hollows and improve shadows- Restylane L
  • The ‘liquid facelift’ and facial rejuvenation with Radiesse
  • Cheek, Jawline and Chin definition with Radiesse
  • Male Masculinization

Don't let wrinkles wreck your vibe  

Just one treatment of Botox® will reverse visible signs of aging almost instantly and with no downtime! These anti-wrinkle injections are a safe, relatively non-invasive facial rejuvenation treatment compared to cosmetic surgery. The skin surface gradually smooths out, allowing the moderate to severe lines to soften or even fade away entirely for a younger, happier look.

*Botox is a prescription-only medicine so only specialists with suitable training and experience can administer it. The many unwanted side effects, such as a frozen appearance, heavy eyelids or a shocked expression, are usually the result of a novice injector so choosing an experienced practitioner is key.



Anti-Aging Consultation



Male Masculinzation with Filler