It's you but lifted and edgy


The perfect tool for achieving facial contouring. Dr. Sukhbir has mastered the threadlift technique and uses only the top brand of PDO threads, popular in the aesthetic mecca South Korea, favoured for their superior lifting power compared with Novathreads or Silhouette threads. The procedure is performed comfortably after injection of local anaesthetic and the results are breathtaking-

  • Sagging jowls are lifted
  • Loose skin and folds around the mouth (Smile lines and Marionette lines) smoothed and rejuvenated
  • Under cheek sculpt and sharpened jawlines created
  • To give the face a lovely lifted and dimensional appearance

So for a non-surgical facelift with very few risks compared to the traditional facelift PLUS immediate results, no scarring, minimal swelling/bruising and only 48 hours downtime, it is no wonder that this service is one of Gray’s Medical’s most popular cosmetic procedures.


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