Your beauty refined- Show off your curves

The leading laser technology destroys stubborn fat cells and tightens skin, taking liposuction to the next level.

Having started my practice of Smartlipo early in 2019 under my master mentor Dr John Kim of ArtMedica Cerritos California, I then went on to become certified by the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine in advanced liposuction techniques in August 2019. It soon became apparent I was born to sculpt. I quickly moved on from commonplace fat elimination and reduction in treatment area size to advanced body contouring techniques.


We don’t all have the same shape.
At Gray’s Medical, what we strive to deliver is Natural yet Striking
not to give everyone the ‘tell-tale’, generic plastic surgery look.


Why Smartlipo?  

After treating more than one hundred patients, Smartlipo laser assisted liposuction remains my favored modality over traditional liposuction or VASER liposuction because of the laser’s ability to tighten loose skin. This benefits many of my patients by sparing them the need for a tummy tuck. Even though many of them have loose skin as they are post baby looking for a mommy makeover or post massive weight loss. Sculpting starts from the very first time I meet you, in the consultation. I get to understand your body goals which is key for a successful outcome. Then as I do your surgical drawings, I use a blend of artistry and honed technique to achieve:

  • The hourglass waist
  • The athletic, flat, ab cut stomach
  • The sculpted nape of the back to enhance the buttocks without the need for fat transfer
  • The toned arms with no bra bulge.


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